Eberhard Dick, Food Technolist at GELITA, is the project leader of the Fast Forward Process for strach-free gelatine gummy production.
As the Chair of the Global Food & Beverage Sector, Tish Van Dyke is responsible for the oversight and management of the firm’s global food and beverage portfolio. During her two-decade career, she has designed campaigns and platforms for companies and organizations that are looking to grow their reputation and business in the food, nutrition, health and sustainability areas. Tish van Dyke represents Edelman on the National Academies of Science’s Roundtable on Obesity Solutions and Food Reform for Sustainability and Health (FReSH) partnership, a joint program of the World Business Council for Sustainable Business Development and the EAT Foundation.
In his function as global Vice President of the Business Unit Collagen Peptides Hans-Ulrich Frech is responsible for innovation management and and market development at GELITA.
Stefan Gates is a hugely popular writer and TV presenter with a vast breadth of knowledge. He’s renowned for his love of quirky culinary quests and extraordinary food adventures.
Bernhard Koch is the Manager of the R&D and Processing Department at Hänsel Processing GmbH in Hannover.
Hänsel offers a wide range of advanced machinery and solutions for the production of sugar confectionery products, e.g. for the production of candies, toffee, jelly, chewy candies, fondant, candy bars, torrone….
Dr. Matthew Lange’s research program is helping to define and shape a new scientific discipline known as Food Informatics. Part Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Food ( IoF) is the global, evolving knowledge base of food that exists as ontologies and linked object data (LOD) stores. These IoF infrastructure components allow anyone on the Internet to contribute what they know about food and also find answers to their questions in order to facilitate new modes of B2B and B2C exchanges and communication.
Wolfgang Marks established Amapharm in 1977 with the idea to develop fruit gums containing a daily dose of vitamins for children and adults in only one or two gummies. Nowadays, Amapharm, still family-operated, is leading manufacturer of Fortified Gummies.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Meyerhof started his carrier at the Institute for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Free University Berlin. As head of the Department of Molecular Genetics, German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke, he now investigates the sense of taste as a crucial factor for ingestive behavior. He uncovered relevant functional principles of taste receptors, discovered receptor specific taste modulators, established genetic variability as determining parameter for differences in taste perception in the population, and elucidates the wiring of taste-responsive neurons in the brain.
During her PHD studies, Dr. Margarethe Plotkowiak has focused on the sensory characteristics of meat products before moving on to the beverage industry. She now uses her international expertiese in the food industry in the technical service, product development and product management.
Winkler & Dünnebier is one of the leading global manufactures of confectionery machines. As a specialist for molding plants Winkler & Dünnebier vovers the entire spectrum of deposited sweets with different applications and throughputs.