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Off The Beaten Track

Inspiration for better food, nutrition & health

Don’t miss the 2017 GELITA Food and H&N Symposium!

The picturesque and romantic old town with the famous castle, the university and its emotional history are motivating many people to visit Heidelberg. However, this year there will be another good reason to come to the famous city in South-West Germany. The GELITA Symposium on Food and Health & Nutrition on October 17 – 18, 2017. This global industry meeting will focus on the topic “Off The Beaten Track, Inspiration for better food, nutrition & health“

Expert panelists and thought leaders will show us consumer needs and industry insights to find new ways of interdisciplinary cooperation, to explore new combinations or simply to find new perspectives. Interactive hands-on sessions will provide ample opportunities for creative product design concepts with collagen peptides and gelatine.
I would be pleased to see you at the GELITA Symposium 2017 in Heidelberg.

You can find more information on the agenda and registration on the following pages.

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Dr. Franz Josef Konert